In the Planning Stage — We offer a free estimate based on a preliminary interview with you in order to determine the needs of your Web Site.

Next, we offer a consultation session where we will stop by your place of business for a planning session in order to collect the necessary information about your business, take high quality digital photographs of your business and discuss the type of web site you would like.

Planning Stage

Flow Chart

[Blue-print for your website]

Afterwards we will provide you with a Flow Chart for your Web Site — the blue print as to how you would like your site structured.

Along with the Flow Chart, we will provide you with a Web Site Story Board — a blue print to specific pages to your web site indicating all the various sections and an estimate as to final completion — usually two weeks after obtaining your materials at the initial consultation.

Last but not least, we specialize in Digital Photography and will take quality photographs of your establishment and/or products. We can also retouch and improve your existing photographs without affecting the original.

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